2024 Winter Indoor Soccer: 4th/5th Co-ed

Division Information

  • All games take place in the Prairie River Middle School (PRMS) fieldhouse.
  • Teams will have a 15-minute warm-up period starting at 1:00 p.m. followed by a 30-minute continuous game, playing 6v6 (i.e., 5v5 + GKs).
  • Teams earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  • Teams must field at least four players by kickoff or forfeit the game – they can still play down, with players from other team, etc.
  • Teams that forfeit a game incur a 5-0 loss. If both teams don't have at least four players present by kickoff, they will both incur a 5-0 loss.
  • Final standings will be determined by 1) points accrued, 2) goal differential, 3) most goals scored, 4) least goals conceded, 5) coin flip.




  • Teams will only be using end lines for their court boundaries.
  • If the ball is played over the end line by the attacking team, the defending team takes a goal kick from the end line near their goal.
  • If the ball is played over the end line by the defending team, the attacking team takes a corner kick from where the court's end line and sideline meet.


  • A team’s designated goalkeeper is the only player that can use their hands during the course of play, within the 3-point arc.
  • Goalkeepers cannot pick the ball up if a player from their team plays the ball back to them; offense results in an indirect free kick (must touch another player before scoring) for the opposing team.
  • A goalkeeper can score a goal directly off a goal kick.
  • Goalkeepers are highly discouraged from sliding to make a save, retrieve a ball, etc.


  • There is no offside. However, teams are discouraged from “cherry picking” by having one of their players down by the opposing team’s goal at all times.
  • A handball will result in a direct kick (can score off the kick) for the opposing team.
  • On goal kicks, the opposing team must start in their own half until the ball has been put into play.
  • Fouls inside the penalty area (3-point arc) will be awarded a direct free kick directly outside the 3-point arc; opposing players must stand at least five steps away from the ball in all directions.
  • Fouls involving contact (pushing, shoving, charging, etc.) will result in a direct kick for the opposing team.
  • Slide tackling is highly discouraged and individuals that foul opposing players by doing so will be asked to sub out. If an individual commits multiple slide tackling offenses, they will be asked to sit out for the remainder of the game.
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